Why doesn't my LED bulb work?

Troubleshooting Bulb Contact Issues

There is a known issue when switching from Incandescent Bulbs to LED Bulbs, caused by a slight difference in the size and shape of different contacts on the threaded end of light bulbs.

Most likely the bulb is good but the metal contact on the end of the bulb is not making contact with the metal tab inside the socket that supplies electrical current.


  1. Test the bulb(s) in a different fixture or socket. If they work go to step two, if not contact Niche.
  2. Test the socket or sockets with a different bulb(s).
  3.  Test the contact of the socket.
    1. IMPORTANT! Shut off power to the fixture or unplug. Please do this at the breaker panel. Confirm the power is indeed shut off before proceeding to the following steps.

    2. Remove bulb and glass from the fixture's cord set. There is a shade ring on the threaded socket that secures the glass to the socket. Loosen this to take the glass off.
    3. Looking into the socket, identify the metal tab in the center of the socket. It should look like a thin piece of sheet metal.
      *Note, looking at the bulb, the furthest point of contact on the bulb's threaded end will make contact with this metal tab. This is the positive (+) power contact. This is bare metal tip, that looks different than the surrounding material.
    4. With a small tool, such as a flat head screw driver, use the flat edge of the screwdriver to lift the end of the metal contact inside the base of the socket to pull it further out toward you.
      *The goal is to give the bulb the best opportunity to make a good contact when seated / threaded properly into the socket.
    5. Be careful not to damage the socket or injure yourself.

    6. Make slight adjustments.

    7. Test the bulb by returning power to the light fixture. Shutoff power before making more adjustments.
      (See previous step, and repeat.)

If the issue persists, please contact Niche for further information or guidance. In the event that the bulb does not work in a properly installed and functioning fixture, Niche will attempt to accommodate.

If the issue is with a recently purchased light fixture and properly working bulb(s), please contact Niche.