Why are there bubbles in my glass?

Niche offers authentic, hand crafted glass blown lighting. Each glass piece we create will never be identical to the photograph, only similar. When making handmade glass lighting it is impossible to recreate any piece identically. Our glass may reveal slight imperfections, possibly in the form of air bubbles or hand tooling marks, glass and or color pattern irregularities. These irregularities are an attribute of skilled human hand-produced glass work, rather than a mass-producing machine and do not imply a defect of the product. We find that when the glass pieces are suspended from the ceiling that any slight imperfections visible while holding fade away for the true beauty of the glass to shine through. 

Images and product descriptions on our website, typographical or description are our best effort to convey the true nature of the product. We welcome your constructive feedback. Digital images that are displayed have the most accurate color possible. Products are made in small production runs and color may vary slightly between batches. There may also be some difference in color from the image you see on screen and the color of the product you receive due to lighting, screen, surfaces they appear on, the settings, time of day the photo was taken, and filters applied. Glass color “looks” different from natural light to fluorescent light. Note that when a sphere is presented as a flat image, the eye sees the color from both sides of the sphere. 

Consumer Safety 
Our glass lighting pieces do not represent a safety risk. However, you should be aware that glassware is fragile. If using it beyond the item’s ornamental intent, breakages can occur, and broken glass is a significant injury hazard. Caution should be taken for proper handling, hanging, and display accessibility to children limited.  Our blown glass pendant lighting is shipped well protected and secure in boxes with fragile marked packaging. Receiving a broken Lighting Pendant is a very rare occurrence, although it is not impossible to avoid an occasional breakage while in transit. Customers need to take caution upon the initial opening of the product package.