What if I need help with bulb troubleshooting?

Bulb Trouble

Bulb Troubleshooting

All Niche pendants are shipped with a complimentary incandescent light bulb to use with your pendants.  If you are having issues with this courtesy bulb, please see below.

If your bulb has burned out immediately or is flickering, we advise you to consult with an electrician to rule out any wiring issues. If your pendant is installed on a dimmer, the dimmer system may impact the lifespan of the incandescent bulb. We recommend purchasing LED bulbs through Niche as they are lower wattage and have a longer lifespan.

Please note that these bulbs are not covered under our Niche Warranty Policy.  Niche is unable to troubleshoot electrical wiring issues. 

Our pendants require standard medium-based E26 bulbs which can be found online or at any local store that supplies light bulbs.  You can order new bulbs directly through Niche, but these will require a fee.